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In 2015 we set out to make a TV series that documented not just the great warplanes being restored to flight throughout the world, but the stories of the people whose lives they touched.
Plane Resurrection (Series 1), aired on History Channel to warm audience acclaim. Curiosity Stream, the new ‘Netflix for Documentaries’ led by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, snapped the series up for their service, where it has gained across the board 5 star ratings immediately, a prestigious boost for the series. In China, the influential Lens Media Group have purchased the series for their IPTV offerings.

For the second outing of Plane Resurrection we are combining our usual meticulously researched back stories and themes with flying warbirds available no where else in the world. The emphasis for the series leans toward ‘the heavies’ - the big bold bomber aircraft that took the war home to the axis forces.Invariably these multi crewed aircraft have thrown up a multiplicity of heart rending - and heart warming - stories which we will once again use to deliver the very personal and audience retaining message of the men and women who gave it all on both sides during WW2.
This series you can expect to see some big beautiful birds such as;
B-25 Mitchell Feat.' Miss MItchell'
B-29 Super Fortress ' FiFi'
B-24 Liberator 'Diamond Lil'
P51C 'Tuskegee Airmen'
B-17 Flying Fortress ' Texas Raiders'
Avro Lancaster 'Just Jane'


The Team at Plane Resurrection have the honour to be working with 3 incredible museums on creating Series 3 airing in 2020.

The Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade, UK

The Cavanagh Flight Museum, Adison, Texas, USA


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